North Sound Writers

North Sound Writers is a not for profit volunteer run organization committed to supporting, educating, and inspiring writers of all genres who seek publication

Writers Work Spaces

Monday – Freeland

Starting May 8th, and every second Monday of the month, from 1pm – 4 pm join North Sound Writers at the Freeland Library to


discuss writing, problem-solve, share and receive feedback as well as work on the craft of writing. This is a great opportunity to meet other writers, bounce ideas, or just get some productive words down. Every writer welcome. If you’d like more information about this meet-up please email Pattie at for more information.

Thursdays – Oak Harbor

Every Thursday North Sound Writers hosts a meet-up. As of August 2017, our new Thursday co-works meetup will be at Gallery Golf Course 1490085877on Golf Course Rd. in Oak Harbor. They’ve been so gracious to host our weekly meet up. We have a wonderful quiet space all our own from 11 am – 5 pm. Please feel free to come join our group and write or edit your brains out! If you’re struggling creatively, then take a break and walk around. There’s a beautiful view of the water and did we mention that the golf course is award winning? Gallery has sandwiches, snacks, soda, juice, beer, and wine for sale.  You know what they say, Write Drunk, Edit Sober! Find some inspiration with the view or other like-minded writers. Come join us at our new location on Thursdays at Gallery Golf Course.gallery_600d









We want to give an amazing fairwell and thank you to LOAKAL for being such an amazing host for our writers group. We were crushed to hear they were closing. We will miss you.



We want to give a GRAND Thank you to Captain Whidbey Inn, who has supported us through last summer and Winter. We are forever grateful for the space you made

for us. We look forward to working with you again. If you love them as much as we do, or you’re looking to try a new place to eat, Captain Whidbey Inn is where it’s at. Chef Ryan Houser creates decadent meals that will envelop your mind through every last bite.



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